Cory’s Story

By 10/10/2018
Young adult with disability using an iPad for greater independence with assistive technology

“I feel more independent in the house” Cory said. "I don’t have to ask anyone to do these simple things for me”

Cory is an intelligent young guy who loves music, good movies and is a Harry Potter enthusiast – owning many great collectors’ items!

Cory also lives with a disability.

Having very limited movement, he requires 24-hour care and lives in supported accommodation. Like any young adult, one of Cory’s goals is to become as independent as he can. EasyTech Living has recently worked alongside Cory to create solutions which have greatly assisted him towards this goal.

Cory has some movement in his hands which meant the EasyTech Living team was able to set up controls on an iPad which, on Cory’s touch, would automate appliances in his room.  The installation involved automating a wall fan, window, blinds, ceiling light and a lamp.

If Cory is feeling warm he can now open his window to let in fresh air and turn on the fan to cool down, which he has used often since EasyTech has done the installation. He can also dim the lights in his room to make it feel more welcoming and comfortable.

I feel more independent in the house” Cory said.  “I don’t have to ask anyone to do these simple things for me”

The lights and blinds are Cory’s favourite part of the installation. “I can stay up later at night because I can turn the light on and off whenever I want. I can sleep in because its up to me when I want to open my blinds, and I can shut them during the day whenever I want to watch a movie” continued Cory. “I also feel more secure at night, because if I hear a noise that worries me, I can turn on the light to see what’s going on”.

“The Easytech Living installation means I don’t have to rely on the carers so much” said Cory “although sometimes I still forget that I can now do all these things for myself!”

Cory has requested that EasyTech Living maintain backend control of the automations so that he can ask for changes and updates when he needs them.

Cory’s big smile says it all “I would like a private home theatre set up in my room next!”

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