Dorothy’s Story

By 22/08/2018

“Having limited mobility, I rely on wonderful carers who pop in and out daily.

Getting to the door was always a problem, so I usually left it open. Now I feel secure and can let people in from the comfort of my arm chair.”

Suffering from debilitating arthritis in her legs and hips, Dorothy is an independent woman who, other than her furry companion Oscar, lives by herself. With reduced mobility, Dorothy now relies on a dedicated group of carers and nursing staff who visit her daily.

Whilst there was a time when leaving your front door unlocked was not a problem, these days the fear of burglary or home invasion is ever present with police urging us to secure all doors and windows.

Dorothy’s limited mobility meant that getting from her armchair to the front door was so difficult that she simply left the front door unlocked. This was not an ideal solution and left her feeling very vulnerable and uneasy.

Thanks to Dorothy’s case manager, who brought the problem to EasyTech, we were able to fit a video doorbell with remote entry capabilities. This means that no matter where Dorothy is she can answer the door, see who it is, speak with them and, if she chooses to, let them in.

One of the big advantages of Easytech Living equipment is that retrofitting older homes is not a problem. Dorothy’s system is easy to use and can be expanded at a later date to turn lights or powered devices on or off, raise or lower blinds, control heating or cooling, even create a personal monitoring system that operates 24/7 sending alerts to friends or loved ones.

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