Mary’s Story

By 11/10/2018
Young woman with elderly relative keeping her safe

“Mary can stay in the home she loves and can go out into the community feeling much safer.”

We have been able to provide peace of mind for a family who were very worried about their aging grandmother. It was becoming increasingly unsafe for Mary to be on her own at home as she was continually forgetting to turn off electrical appliances and taps and had experienced some falls.

The EasyTech team installed flood sensors in all wet areas which act to sound an alarm, send an alert to a smart device and automatically turn off the taps in the affected area. Smart switches were installed which switch off electrical appliances if they are left on for a long period of time and can also be switched off remotely via a smart device. Great for when the iron is left on!  Motion sensors also send an alert to the family to let them know their grandmother is up and about which has relieved a lot of worry.

Mary also now wears a GPS SOS tracker too. If she has a fall the GPS tracker will alert the family and they can also have a two-way conversation with her at any time. There is an SOS button that Mary can press if she feels unsafe and the family can also find her on google maps by simply sending a text to the GPS tracker.

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