Neville’s Story

By 11/10/2018
Older man using assistive technology to automate his front door

“I can come and go as I wish and walk my dog twice a day without the need to ask someone for help.”

Diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, Neville needed a solution to help him access his home. The muscles in Neville’s upper arms have been affected which means he now finds it difficult to open the front door as he can no longer raise his arms high enough to use the key. Previously Neville used a handle key device which enabled him to turn the key in the lock. As his arm strength diminished however, this no longer worked, and Neville was unable to get the key into the lock or turn it.

The EasyTech team worked with Neville to create an easy to use solution. The installation involved a secure door latch which is activated by a wrist band fob, with a reader installed at hip height. “The wrist band is very convenient” said Neville. “I’ve attached it to a bag at my waist and can just walk past, raise it to the reader and push the door open with my shoulder”. Other people who come to the home can still use the door as usual.

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