Smart Living

By 11/10/2018
Business couple who have installed smart home automation

A common home security concern for business professionals is that they are often away from home and work late hours.

The EasyTech Living team has created simple solutions for a business couple living in a country home away from close neighbours. As they are often away the couple wanted extra security in case of fire and were worried about someone breaking in.

EasyTech installed a smoke alarm which will send alerts to the home owners’ smart phones in case of fire. A remote-control camera has also been set up in the main living rooms, so the owners can see these areas at any time wherever they are, via a smart device, even if they are overseas. To further increase home security, a smart switch has been installed in a hallway lamp. The owners can now switch the lamp on and off remotely, so it looks like someone is at the home while they are away. The iron also has a smart switch installed which allows the couple to turn it off remotely just in case.

A long driveway with no lighting which couldn’t be seen from the home was also of concern. The EasyTech team installed movement sensor lighting along the drive, which when activated sends an alert to the owners’ smartphone so they know when someone has arrived. A camera was also installed so they can see who is entering the property.

The couple often arrive home late at night. A switch on the garage door now automatically turns on lights in the house and is pre-set for night activation only.  Movement sensors have also been placed in the hallway to turn on lights to make it safer to move around the house at night.

These simple solutions have given peace of mind to the couple and have created a welcoming and safe environment when they arrive home.

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