Disability Living

Creating independence and peace of mind solutions for individuals and families

Increase independence

  • Automate almost anything in your home including doors, windows, blinds, lights, heating, gates, television and music
  • Automate sensory equipment and alerts to manage sleep disorders and challenging behaviours
  • Control and monitor water and electrical appliances
  • Remote control of smart locks and plugs

Customised to your needs

  • Easily retrofitted in old, new and rental homes
  • Controls tailored to abilities including smart devices, heat, light and motion sensors, voice control, mouth stylus and more
  • Quick and easy to learn by all ages including those with limited mobility or no technological skill


  • Parental alerts for children at risk of absconding
  • Alerts when child leaves a specified geographical area
  • Control who enters and exits the home
  • Alerts when doors or windows are opened
  • Fall alerts
  • Know where your child is at any time
  • Remote door bells with video intercom
  • Appliance and water alerts with auto shut off sensors
Man with disability in wheelchair using computer with assistive technology

Customer Stories