Smart Living

Everyone can add that touch of luxury to their home with Easytech Living’s affordable, smart customised solutions

Smart Homes

  • Automate almost anything in and around your home including doors, blinds, gates, lighting, heating, audio-visual and more
  • Customised to your needs with choice of voice, smart device and switch controls
  • Lumen (light), motion and temperature detection can automatically operate blinds and other functions in your home
  • Remotely control your home via your smart device
  • Timed controls set up a warm, lit and welcome home prior to your arrival
  • Control and monitor electrical appliances and water
  • Remote door bells with video intercom
  • Turn off connected appliances with one touch when you go on holiday
  • Passcode entry systems
  • Cameras and alarms
  • Smoke and C02 alarms

Smart Safety

Perfect for lone workers, runners and walkers, bicycle enthusiasts, aging relatives, people with disability or if you just want to be safe when out and about

  • Feel safe knowing that someone will always be able to find you
  • SOS alert button to up to 5 emergency contacts
  • Automated fall detection and alert to your contacts
  • Locate the wearer at any time via google maps
  • 2-way communication at any time
  • Geo-fencing alerts

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